Interesting report on the Cammack Village Police Department Facebook page about traffic Sunday through the municipal island in northwest Little Rock related to an apparent gang gathering in Murray Park. One carload was arrested; another outran the Cammack police.

The post:


Sunday evening 05/07/17 at approximately 700 pm, Cammack Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The vehicle was occupied by four subjects.

During contact with the driver, officers smelled the odor of raw marijuana coming from within the vehicle. The driver was identified and found to have a felony warrant out of W Memphis for Delivery of Methamphetamine.

All the subjects were removed from the vehicle and officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. Locating four handguns, spent shell casings and several ounces of Marijuana concealed within the vehicle.

All four of these subjects, were self-admitted Vice Lord Gang Members. These subjects were en-route to Rebsamen park, where several hundred Vice Lords were gathering from all over the state. The four subjects arrested were from W Memphis and Marion, AR. Little Rock and Cammack Village Officers dealt with large crowds and traffic in the immediate area.

Earlier in the evening at approximately 6:00 pm a Cammack Officer attempted to stop a white dodge challenger for speeding and running stop signs on Greenwood rd., when that vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. The officers stopped pursuing the suspect vehicle in the interest of public safety.

Chief Powell, responded to the Rebsamen / Murry Park to locate the suspect vehicle. Little Rock and Cammack Officers located the vehicle in Murray Park and again this vehicle fled at a high rate when officers attempted to stop it. Officers broke off pursuit of this vehicle in the interest of public safety.

All this from simple traffic enforcement. Through this type of enforcement, the Cammack Village Police Department will continue to keep your community safe and crime free.

Little Rock and Cammack Village Police will continue to work together to prevent and resolve crimes.