Attorney General Leslie Rutledge
went on CNN today to defend Donald Trump’s firing of Donald Comey, but apparently relied on talking points that even the White House has abandoned.

Reviews were brutal, Raw Story reports:

Treasonous, lying, dumber than a box of hammers. These were just a few of the social media comments. As the transcript indicates, she came up short when the questioner noted contradictions in her defense and the evolving White House account.

She said she was confident the Russian investigations would continue. She wasn’t ready to agree with what Trump said recently, that the Russian investigation was the reason for his firing of Comey. She wanted to harken back to the repudiated original excuse of his statement on Hillary Clinton e-mails. She said she did not agree with James Clapper’s view that American institutions were under assault and launched into a pre-cooked campaign spiel.


Rutledge, after mentioning that the president was to attend a service for fallen law officers, dodged repeatedly a question about how much respect Trump had demonstrated by firing Comey without telling him and having him learn of it on TV.

You watch our top legal officer at work. You decide.