They say Donald Trump hates to be laughed at, so he likely wasn’t amused by an artist-prankster who put his name up in lights on the Trump Hotel near the White House.

Robin Bell, an artist known for political projections, threw the emoluments clause up on the hotel along with signs above the front door saying “Pay Trump Bribes Here” and “Emoluments Welcome.:

The emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution bars the president from doing business with foreign governments. His Washington hotel is a historic former post office rented from the U.S. government and it’s doing a brisk business with foreign officials.

The projection went up at 10 p.m. One tour bus stopped and cheered the signage before it was shut down by hotel security.


Reports Huffington Post:

Bell said his work is a simple act of resistance in the nation’s capital, where, he noted, it’s “sad to see the old post office being used” as a Trump business. The hotel has become the go-to destination for foreign diplomats.

“Maybe in the history books it’ll show that we were not for this,” he said.

Trump’s inveterate TV watching and thin skin should guarantee that this work reached its intended audience with good force. His short attention span shouldn’t hamper delivery of this simple message. About that last: Foreign Affairs reports that NATO officials were encouraging foreign leaders to keep their remarks to two to four minutes at a coming meeting with Trump because of his short attention span.