Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia and the comedy hits keep coming.

For example, his people are trying to gin up supposed lib outrage (I can find none) that wife Melania and daughter Ivanka haven’t worn head coverings in their visit to Saudi Arabia.



1) Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Laura Bush and a host of other famous women have also visited without wearing head covering.


2) OF COURSE, Trump’s Twitter history provides the perfect retort to imagined Trumpistas’ outrage. From the that-was-then machine in 2015: 

Oh but it gets so much better — or worse depending on how you feel about the president of the United States being the butt of Russian humor. This seems to be from the Twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:


As David Corn of Mother Jones put it:

The Russians literally are making jokes about Trump passing them secrets. Is this winning?

On a more serious note:

It’s simple. Trump and his people are useful and willing tools of the Russians. That doesn’t necessarily mean a crime or impeachable offense has been committed. But I can remember a time when Russia was considered, if not an outright enemy, not to be trusted.