Blogger Russ Racop has dug up the outcome of separate cases of DWI in Fayetteville and a drug arrest in Alabama against Asa Hutchinson III, son of the governor.

He reports — and provides a copy of court records — that indicate:

* Hutchinson was found guilty in December in Fayetteville District Court of careless driving, DWI and refusal to submit to an alcohol test. The docket sheet indicates total fines and fees of $1,870 were ordered. He subsequently appealed that conviction to circuit court, where a hearing has been set in July. He was arrested on this case in January 2016 after a crash on I-49.

* A record from an Alabama prosecutor shows that Hutchinson received pre-trial diversion in September 2016 on a felony drug possession charge.  No penalty was indicated. Hutchinson was arrested in May 2016 for possession of capsules of “molly” and “ecstasy” during a music festival in Gulf Shores, Ala.


Hutchinson, 41, is a lawyer with an address on state bar records in Bentonville. He was out of the office when I called today. I sent an e-mail requesting comment.