I made my annual trek to Boys State today and spent an hour taking questions.

Not a single question or complaint was voiced about same-sex marriage or LGBT rights. Do the diehards who continue to press this issue here and nationally misjudge its political power?

Anti-abortion sentiment remains strong, if not universal.

Are the kids more thoughtful? Could that explain less razzing of the token liberal speaker? Maybe. There was lots of interest during the program and continuing hallway talks in tuition-free college, international relations, education, the income gap.

Yes, I’d say the crowd favored Trump. But I detected some interest in an option besides the Democrat and Republican parties. Some people can’t quit hating on Hillary, loser though she is. Benghazi!

It’s been 25 years since I started this annual journey. In that time, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, same-sex marriage, a solidly Republican political ruling class in Arkansas, medical marijuana and a president friendly to Russia have arrived on the scene. Who says nothing ever changes?

I decided these kids know a lot more stuff today and the Internet is a big part of it.