Uh-oh. From the New York Times:

Shifting from his previous blanket denials, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said on Thursday that “patriotically minded” private Russian hackers could have been involved in cyberattacks last year to help the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.

Facts: Russians worked to elect Trump. Trump and family and associates have friends and business associates in Russia. Trump and associates haven’t been truthful about relationships with Russians, including the attorney general.

Forget the law, either impeachment or criminal prosecution. Did you really want a president and entourage friendlier to Russia than Great Britain or Germany or France? The Republican Congress, by its timid words and deeds, seems to think so.

Just last night, I endured several tedious minutes of a softball interview with U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton in which he expressed concerns about Russia, but blamed any Russian problems on Barack Obama not his party’s president.


Putin puts down such opinions to “anti-Russian hysteria” by sore loser Democrats.  A sore Democrat, anti-Russian to the point of hysteria, can still be right.

Putin is sure that any Russian hacking wasn’t done by state actors. The dictator would know, wouldn’t he? He knows what goes on in the U.S. Oval Office, after all.


Charles Pierce gets to the nub of it in Esquire:

There is virtually nobody in the Trump inner circle who is not compromised in some way by the connections the campaign had with the oligarchs and kleptocrats, and now that seems to be spreading into the Cabinet as well.

The corruption is systemic. What worries me is that it goes in so many directions at this point that the outrage may lose its focus on the simple fact that very effective means were employed to place in the White House an unqualified and vulgar talking yam for the specific purpose of hog-tying the government of the United States. That’s the poisonous tree. The rest is all the fruit of it.