The Arkansas Democratic Party blasts Donald Trump (and by implication virtually every Republican politician in Arkansas) for withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

From a release:


“This decision is a major leap backwards for America’s economy and our standing in the world,” Democratic Party Chairman Michael John Gray said. “It puts the United States and our workers here at home at a significant disadvantage in the global economy. The implications of our withdrawal are far-reaching, and I am concerned about the negative effects we’ll see on Arkansas agriculture, manufacturing and our economy generally. That’s not to mention the decision’s harmful consequences on our planet and the environment.”

The decision to withdraw was made despite objections from world leaders, big businesses, and members of his own party and family pleading with President Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement. All four Arkansas Congressmen and both U.S. Senators praised the President’s decision Friday.

“What troubles me is our Republican delegation’s enthusiasm for this detrimental decision,” Chairman Michael John Gray said. “Members of their own party — Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham and Rex Tillerson — as well as world leaders, including the Pope himself, understand the negative impact our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement will have. The fact Senators Cotton and Boozman and all four Republican Congressmen have given their thumbs up knowing full well its negative impact on our economy speaks to their poor decision-making and leadership abilities.”

By the way: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is going to be at the White House today with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, perhaps to cheer some new anti-environmental effort or another.  Pruitt talked today of “climate exaggerators.” I mean, what’s a degree or two on the thermometer and three or four inches of rising seas.? UPDATE: Pruitt did his deed, but Rutledge was on hand for a military- and law enforcement-related photo op.