Gavin Lesnick at Arkansas Online reports that Kroger employees stymied most of an effort to steal a shopping cart full of groceries from the Beechwood Kroger shortly before noon Wednesday.

The thief apparently did get away with some bricks of cheese. Employees slowed the thieves enough that they fled in a waiting car, leaving most of some $200 worth of goods in a cart behind.


The story intrigued me for the thieves’ shopping list. The cart included these items:

three 30-pack cases of Bud Light, two bags of shrimp, a 3-pound bag of chicken thighs, 5 pounds of wings, two packs of hot dogs and four bricks of cheese.

Bud Light? No steaks?


Editorial comment: Totally ignored, apparently, were all those high-dollar takeout items (olives, sushi, imported cheese) added to the store in a makeover that dramatically reduced the space available for regular grocery inventory.