Mike Nelson, an Arkansas County cattle rancher, farmer and hunting outfitter, says he intends to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford in the 1st Congressional District.

Nelson, 48, called the House-passed Republican bill to replace Obamacare was a “piece of junk” in an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette interview, to give you some idea of his outlook. He describes himself as a “blue dog” Democrat.


Nelson’s note to me said he’d worked in finance and banking and talked of his work in the United Methodist Church at Lodge Corner and local youth sports. He spoke almost lyrically of the 1st District:

“I love our state. The diversity of our Eastern District is unparalleled. From the Louisiana border to the Missouri border, from the Mississippi River to the Ozark Mountains, I challenge anyone to find a more eclectic and wonderfully diverse area in the Country,” quoted Nelson.

Mr. Nelson described the Eastern District as a “unique blend of cultural, historical and prayerful peoples. Guided by strong morals and valuing families, our residents represent the full range of small businesses, family farms, diverse agricultural enterprises, manufacturing and transportation excellence, and a deep devotion to Faith.”

“What greater honor could there be, than to work for all of the peoples of our extraordinary district?” asked the candidate. 

He urged people to follow his Facebook account.


He is the Mike Nelson in the red, sweat soaked shirt, taken when he was rebuilding fences on the farm.

Jim Huff of Wynne has also said he’s considering a Democratic run for the seat.