Local news is in short supply this morning, but there’s abundant news of man’s inhumanity to man, beginning with the widely distributed tweet of a boy grabbing his mother while officers try to take her away. In searching the web to see if the image matched the scenario described, I concluded it is at least emblematic. The web is full of similar images from all over. UPDATE: Sorry, the video has been taken down from Twitter.

* DEBTOR’S PRISON: The ACLU of Arkansas distributed this story. A working single mother in South Carolina was socked with $2,400 in fines for driving with a broken tail light and suspended license, and then jailed for 57 days when she couldn’t make the monthly payments. That left her children in jeopardy when she was locked up for being poor.


* THE PERMANENT CAR NOTE: Read in the New York Times about the blood-suckers of the subprime auto loan business, still collecting on car notes on repossessed or defunct cars more than a decade after loans were made.

* OUSTING IMMIGRANTS: The New York Times relates the problems of an Ohio farm town where both a permanent immigrant population and seasonal laborers spell success or failure of the harvesting of massive vegetable farms on surrounding rich farmland. The Trump crackdown is depleting the workforce and long-established residents with American-born children, good community records and many references are being prioritized for deportation.


All worth reading, if not mood elevating.