Mediaite, a media focused website, has posted a colorful item by reporter Caleb Ecarma about taped remarks and social media posts by someone identified as an intern for U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton. He uses derogatory terms popular with the alt-right and gay bashers.

GOP Senator Tom Cotton’s intern is not shy about spouting off incendiary comments, as the young Republican calls Speaker Paul Ryan “a cuck” and the British “faggots.”

In a recorded conversation with this reporter, Hill intern “Nate” blasted Ryan for not having a hardline immigration stance, saying “Paul Ryan is a cuck, he’s a cuck, get him out” and “Paul Ryan: cuck first and Yankee second.”

Mediaite said it did not use the intern’s full name to spare him eternal Google infamy.  But it says he had worked for Cotton  since January and is well-known in Republican circles.


After an explanation of the origins of the word “cuck” as a smear, the article continued:

He continued his conversation with this reporter by saying “Americans are the superior race to everyone in the world . . . we’re superior people” — his evidence for such an assertion came from America’s wartime record. Nate then brought up the Revolutionary War during this rant and called the British “faggots” and American defector Benedict Arnold “a homoesexual.”

The intern went on to call himself a “bigot” toward Muslims and said that the idea of universal health care was “garbage.” He added, “…we believe in social Darwinism, the idiots will get fucked.” He also seems to harbor deep animus toward gay people.


Additionally — though Nate has been interning in Cotton’s office for six months — he has quite a history of controversial social media posts, as he repeatedly said “fag” and “faggot” and used “gay” as a derogatory term on his public Twitter page before being hired. These Twitter rants also include the use of the slur “tranny.”

Nate has made a name for himself for his controversial and homophobic rhetoric in the halls of Congress, as this reporter heard about him from multiple Hill staffers.

In public, Cotton himself bites an often angry and sarcastic tongue better than this. But in terms of general policy — American exceptionalism and opposition to Muslims, universal health care and gay rights — Cotton hired a team player for an intern.

I sent an inquiry to Cotton’s press aide. No response. They don’t deign to talk with the Arkansas Times, homeys though we are.


The Mediaite article says it sought a comment from Cotton’s office and was told that Nate is no longer an intern in the office and there’d be no further comment.

The report is gaining traction on the web, including from the alt-right, where criticism is already posted for Mediaite’s doing a story about an INTERN. Commenters saw it as a smear of Cotton and criticized Mediaite for not using the intern’s name. Other websites are busy identifying him, with photo.

Sure. Cotton isn’t responsible for an idiot intern’s mouth. Still, Cotton’s office would look better if it disavowed the remarks and said it acted the minute it knew of indefensible behavior by a staff member (which appears to be the case). It’s not too late.

Extreme vetting anyone?