AMAZING GRACE: Michael Reed, holding a version of the Ten Commandments, uses this photo on his Facebook page.

Michael Reed,charged with destroying the new 10 Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol did the same thing in 2014 in Oklahoma and was eventually discharged from hospital custody there on the condition that he continue to receive treatment for mental illness.

That is about the sum of the story it seems to me.


But not for some. Take Todd Starnes, for instance, a right-wing Fox bloviator, whose column blamed the crime on a vile, godless thug. He quoted Sen. Jason Rapert, seemingly anxious to link the crime to the Muslims he abhors.

“The first thought that came to me – who else in the world destroys monuments – is it the same hatred that ISIS uses in the communities that they go into,” he said..

Rapert can’t  pin this one on the Muslims.


The man charged attended a Christian college and his Facebook page is full of references to his belief in God, Jesus and organized religion. One post is a video of his Christian witness.

A lengthy post about his personal religious journey credits the “Grace of God” for helping him recover from an injury and concludes, with emphasis added:


I was going to write this about me but in the third person to make a point, but found my self sometimes writing with I instead of him but instead I want to make this point. That old Michael can become I if I’m not careful to do what I am suppose to do because, apart from Christ we can do nothing. So many times we as believers hide the fact that we still need Jesus, I’m not saying its ok that we fall, but while we are in this flesh it can happen and does, if we are not careful, but because of the Mercy of God, every time he knows we are sincere when we call to him, he will answer and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

I, for one, don’t intend to blame this act on divine inspiration or a Christian act of violence.

Some more Facebook mining by our Jordan Little:

“The Godly women I trust told me to go ahead and take my meds for the chemical imbalance till Monday so I trust her and I just took them I’ll take them till I run out”
— November 2016

“I have a mental illness and need prayers I need Jesus more then ever”


“After I ran into the ten commandments monument I told Federal officers I was going to kill obama Bush Sr and Bush Jr but Trump shall be destroyed without hands”

“Come to my church it’s across from Paul’s Bakery behind Pawn World in Van Buren. My pastor Tim is amazing he speaks the truth and doesn’t try to tickle your ears if u need a ride message me God Bless”
— December 2016

“God will never put more on you then you can handle he always makes a way out of your mess. I’ve been through a lot these past few years I’ve been tested hard because I’m called to reach this generation. My faith is stronger then ever and I’m ready for anything the enemy dishes out. I love Jesus and I love you if you need someone to pray for you comment and I’ll lift it up to the Lord”

Oh and don’t go blaming this on liberals or Democrats either. From his Facebook page in November. Reed appears to be a MAGA guy.