The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which opposes the erection of religious monuments on state Capitol grounds, also opposes their destruction.

FFRF does not condone violating the Constitution by erecting a Ten Commandments monument on the Arkansas Capitol grounds. Nor do we condone breaking the law to remove such a display.

Early today a mentally ill Christian rammed his car into the controversial Ten Commandments monument installed Tuesday on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds.

…… Yes, the monument was struck down in a criminal act. More importantly it will be struck down as unconstitutional by a court of law.

There is no need to resort to criminal behavior to uphold the Constitution. Obviously, the motivation of this disturbed individual is unknown (and perhaps even unknown to him), but is unlikely to be about upholding the separation of religion and government.

Whatever his motivation: We are a nation governed by the rule of law. That not only means vandalism will not be tolerated, but it also means that we take our disputes to court. 

Destruction of the monument likely means a delay in a lawsuit contesting placement of a Christian religious symbol on Capitol grounds. The ACLU had said the monument needed to be in place for the suit to go forward. It was, but for less than a day.

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