RAPERT: Early to announce candidacy for lieutenant governor. Max Brantley

Matt Campbell,
the Little Rock lawyer who writes Blue Hog Report, has posted some lessons in 1st Amendment law for Sen. Jason Rapert, who has continued to defend the Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds against plans by the ACLU and others to sue over placement of a religious sect’s text on state grounds.

It’s worth reading for those interested in the coming court battle, now delayed by destruction of the monument yesterday by a professed Christian who nonetheless apparently also holds with separation of church and state. (And has some mental health issues.)


Campbell explains why a case that favored a similar monument in Texas has unusual elements that don’t apply here and how other case law on the issue is settled.

However …… with the Republican-tilted U.S. Supreme Court, you just never know how settled the law might be, particularly given recent decisions on church-state issues.