KARK News Director Austin Kellerman put this photo on his Twitter feed of Darius Killingsworth, 20, from his hospital bed.

Little Rock police this afternoon released an incident report on the shootout early Saturday at the Power Ultra Lounge at 620 W. 6th that left 25 with gunshot wounds and three others with injuries in the chaos.

The report doesn’t detail injuries and offers no account of events beyond the statement that officers responded to a shooting, “cleared the building and started medical for the injured.” One victim was not identified as a 16-year-old juvenile. At least four other people were under age to purchase alcohol.


No description of shooters is given. Police have announced no charges in the case though the rapper performing when shooting broke out and an associate were taken into custody on unrelated earlier reasons early Sunday in Birmingham.

The named victims, five of whom were underage:


Juvenile, 16
Marvell Harris, 23, Little Rock
Kevin Winston, 25, Little Rock
Jaron Eackles, 25, Little Rock
Wallace Muhammad, 35, Little Rock
Byron Haney, 21, Little Rock
Steven Otey Jr., 25, Little Rock
Antonio Boyd, 18, North Little Rock
Britney Austin, 22, Little Rock
Patrick Hardy, 21, Little Rock
Marquis Deshazier, 26, Pine Bluff
DaJauna Mixon, 19, North Little Rock
Devontae Williams, 23, Conway
Kyanna Bogen, 23, Sherwood
Ricky Forman, 22, Pine Bluff
Cayla Levaul, 24, Pine Bluff
Darius Killingsworth, 20, Little Rock
Anthony Fontenot, 22, Conway
Shawn Wright, 24, unknown
Taheara Slocum, 22, Little Rock
Malcolm Steward, 23, Brickhaven, Miss.
Darius Jackson, 25, unknown
Chenal McDonald, 21, Little Rock
Donald Bones, 26, unknown
Violet Brazil, 20, North Little Rock
Bryant Moore, 22, Little Rock
Brinlee Cunningham, 21, Little Rock
Marcus Simmons, 30, Little Rock

KARK said 10 remain hospitalized.