CNN reports that 41 states have now refused the effort by a commission appointed by Donald Trump — and led by vote-suppressing Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach — to amass a vast on-line data trove on all the country’s voters.

Arkansas remains an outlier. At last report, Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office said it has not received the letter requesting the data and will not respond until it has the letter in hand, though other states have refused based on the contents of the letter as reported by others.


Arkansas has a double involvement in this. Martin, a friend of Kobach, got former state legislator David Dunn, now a lobbyist, appointed to the commission. Dunn has refused to respond to numerous inquiries about what he thinks about this unprecedented effort to gather information (some of it confidential) and create a public database that would be ripe for identity theft and other nefarious uses. You can write Dunn at to tell him what you think about it.