HOUSTON NUTT: Sues Ole Miss.

Houston Nutt, the former football coach at University of Arkansas and Ole Miss, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Ole Miss Athletic Foundation alleging it broke its severance agreement with him by making defamatory remarks about him in violation of a non-disparagement clause in his contract buyout.

The long and short of it appears to be that Houston Nutt thinks Ole Miss officials have tried to explain recent NCAA investigations into problematic recruiting activity at the school were related to Houston Nutt and his staff, not Coach Hugh Freeze.


Nutt’s lawyer is Thomas Mars, the former Arkansas State Police director whose career included a stint as corporate counsel at Walmart. He’s now with Little Rock’s Friday firm.

Here’s the lawsuit.

Nutt coached at Ole Miss from 2008 until his sacking in 2011. He got a $4.35 million lump sum payout when he was fired with time left on his contract.