Paul Spencer, a teacher and small farmer in Scott, has made official his plan to run as a Democrat for 2nd District Congress. Republican incumbent Rep. French Hill is expected to seek re-election.

Spencer, who’s led a group devoted to public ethics laws, had said earlier that he was exploring a race. He said the influence of money in politics and health care would be cornerstone issues. French Hill voted for the House version of legislation to roll back the Affordable Care Act, legislation that Donald Trump first lauded and then described as “mean.” Spencer is a believer in Medicare for all as a means to universal coverage.

In an e-mail solicitation today, Spencer said:

I believe the first step in pushing back against the tide of big money in politics is to refuse it yourself. That is why I will only take individual contributions, from real, everyday people. This campaign will be powered by the people and for the people, not by billionaires or their Super PACs.