To borrow an apt cliche, a Washington Post op-ed by an Interior Department scientist with a whistleblower complaint is just a tip of the iceberg of Trump administration destruction of important parts of government.

Joel Clement was, before reassignment, director of the Office of Policy Analysis. Among his work was helping endangered Alaska communities adapt to changing climate. The melting of the north threatens to wash them away. He’s been involuntarily reassigned to a meaningless accounting job, likely to force him to quit.

He’s fought back with a clear analysis of what’s wrong with the Interior Department’s shift from concern for the environment to concern for fossil fuel companies.

Read it. I’m afraid it’s all too representative of a broader theme. We see it almost daily in Arkansas with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s legal support for polluters everywhere.


PS: Things are even worse over at the USDA, where a conservative climate-denier has been given the top scientific post in an agency where the head man is on record as saying climate change is a joke. Tell that to the farmers.