SMELL THE COFFEE: Arkansas demonstrators paid a call on John Boozman's house this morning to offer him coffee as a "wake up call" on the health legislation. He didn't wake up. Neil Sealy

A constituent who called Sen. John Boozman’s office reports that she was told the senator is a “yes” on the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

But what’s being voted on today?


Sen. Tom Cotton laid out the battle plan in an interview with KARN. Today’s vote is just to allow a full debate. And more pressure on Republican senators to get on board the devastation of Obamacare.

Cotton says he still can’t say how he’ll vote.


UPDATE: A further constituent call to Boozman clarified that he’s voting just for debate today — the talking point developed by leadership. But he still favors repeal and replacement within two years. A punt for now; destruction of health coverage to come.