SUNDAYS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: You can buy package drinks in Avoca now. 40/29

40/29 reports tthat tinyAvoca in Benton County (pop. 512) will begin Sunday sale of alcoholic beverages tomorrow. The sales were approved in a local option vote 34-14.

It’s not widely known, but any place in Arkansas where alcohol sales are legal may have a local option election to allow Sunday sales. The county government in Pulaski County could call an election. Little Rock or North Little Rock could do so. A scattering of places in Arkansas have taken advantage, including Springdale, Tontitown, Wiederkehr Village, Ozark, Eureka Springs and some small communities in counties bordering Missouri, where Sunday sales are legal.

Little Rock is just not cosmopolitan enough. Or, more accurately, special interests have kept the governing boards at bay. You can, however, thanks to a newish state law, buy growlers of craft beer on draft for takeout on a Sunday. So there’s that.