West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey has stepped down as the chair of the Republican Attorneys General Association and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has been picked to succeed him.

No surprise. Rutledge, who benefitted from dark money chummed up by RAGA in her successful election in 2014, has slavishly endorsed the national GOP agenda of suing to restrict women’s medical rights, discriminate against LGBT people, pollute  air and water, promote guns and put the interests of businesses above consumers. Additionally, she’s a reliable, if not particularly gifted, cheerleader for Donald Trump, on cable TV.


In short, she’ll do as she’s told. And the money will pour in, should a candidate emerge to oppose her next year. None has as yet.

A reminder from the 2015-16 cycle of why people like Rutledge so often pop up protecting polluting power plants over people:


So where did RAGA get its money? More than $2.4 million — about 13 percent — came from Koch Industries, Murray Energy, the American Petroleum Institute, Exxon Mobil, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, and other fossil fuel interests. Another nearly $1.4 million came from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which receives a significant amount of its funds from fossil fuel companies and Koch-backed nonprofits.

Here’s how Rutledge described her efforts today in heralding her RAGA ascension:

Americans are seeing the need every day to elect Republican attorneys general who fight to uphold the rule of law and seek justice for all.

“All” being a term not so inclusive as Rutledge’s statement indicates.