Striking images were made during a torchlight march by hundreds of white supremacists Friday night on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.

White lives matter, the group said. Some wore swastikas. Some shouted about Jews.
“You will not replace us,” the marchers chanted. They came from KKK, militia and other “alt-right” groups. They chanted against immigration. In contrast, many opposed to the march gathered in churches and prayed. Others stood with signs against the demonstration.


Here’s coverage by the Daily Progress in Charlotesville. It reports that the “Unite the Right” march ended in violence.

After the march, which began at UVa’s Nameless Field, reached the Rotunda, police later declared an unlawful assembly. Protesters and opponents alike reported being affected by pepper spray.

At the feet of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, fights began breaking out and some wielding tiki torches swung them at people. At least one person was arrested, and several people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The Nazi rallies didn’t feature tiki torches. But other similarities were widely noted in social media.


Charlottesville had been the scene of a protest in May over plans to remove Confederate memorials in the city.

There were more clashes today and the governor declared an emergency.


ALSO: A man wearing UA engineering T-shirt and identified as a faculty member is in a photo on Twitter. ID unconfirmed at this point.