MIKE NELSON: Repudiates the NRA over ads.

Mike Nelson, an Arkansas County farmer and hunting outfitter who’s announced as a Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress, has blasted the National Rifle Association for recent ads by the gun lobby featuring Dana Loesch, a message some have viewed as encouraging violence against liberals.

He wrote Saturday on a day of violent protests from the right in Charlottesville, Va., of the sort referenced in the NRA ad. He wrote:


I am Pro Gun.

I am Not Pro Hate Speech.

My family have been sportsmen my entire life. In 1972 my Dad was President of Arkansas BowHunters Assoc. We competed in Archery Tournaments all over the State.

Since 1993, my brother and I have offered Duck and Goose Hunts here on the farm.
We even have a good deer population and even a good dove population.


I No Longer Support the NRA.

None, zero, nada, zip….

The advertisements coming out of that organization Are Horrible.

Encouraging People to go out and Kill Their Neighbors? ??
Get Ready for a National Jihad???

Sir No Sir…Hell No. ….NO

That Crap is Hate Speech. It is Uncalled For…And I Do Not Support It

He commented further on his Facebook page.

See the “clenched fist” ad below.