The Advocate reports on a survey by the Princeton Review, a college rating publication, that reportedly asked 137,000 students how much they disagreed or disagreed with this statement:

“Students treat all persons equally, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity expression.”

The results, according to the Advocate, put UA at 15 in the 20 most unfriendly schools — along with Alabama, Tennessee and Auburn from the SEC and a number of private colleges.

A commenter questioned the methodology and asked about such things as the number of responses, how the sample was drawn and the like. Fair questions. UA itself has been officially supportive enough of LGBT students to cause blowback from anti-gay legislators such as Sen. Bart Hester. And, as the commentary notes, it is in a city sufficiently supportive of LGBT people that it passed a civil rights ordinance (on a second try) and still defends it in court against the anti-gay legislature and attorney general and governor. So there is that. But state law has been explicitly drawn to discriminate against LGBT people so there is also that, but it applies in every county, not just Washington.

No, there are no Arkansas schools on the 20 friendliest list.