ALL ABOARD: The ferry is the only way to reach Steve Womack's town hall. And it only runs every 40 minutes, a local says.

I’ve received a correction from a local r
esident on my earlier instructions about how to attend U.S. Rep. Steve Womack’s scheduled meeting with constituents at 2:45 p.m. Aug. 21 at the Lazy Acres Fire Department on the north shore of Bull Shoals Lake, essentially reachable only by the 12-car ferry that crosses an arm of the lake at Peel. (CORRECTION: Did it again. Got lake wrong initially.)

Kim Robbins of the Buck Creek Marina corrects the ferry schedule I printed from another source. It does not run every 20 minutes from Peel, he said.


The ferry departs every 40 minutes from either side. Even hours from Peel and odd hours from Buck Creek/Protem. Example: Peel side..2pm, 2:40p, 3:20p, 4p. From the Buck Creek side…1p, 1:40p, 2:20p, 3p etc….}

After crossing the lake, you drive on Highway 12t to Lazy Acres Road. There, you turn LEFT, not right as I wrote, Robbins said.

It’s actually a left turn onto Lazy Acres Road which is a long winding back road. But it IS at least paved.] and then drive about 2.5 more miles.

Robbins closed:


Thank you for sharing this information, for even though we live in the area, I had not heard about Womack coming for ‘coffee’. It is a lovely area (we moved here 3 yrs ago from Maumelle) and I hope many will be able to attend.