Some resisters, I believe from Boone County Indivisible, which posted the video, managed the ferry ride to get to one of U.S. Rep. Steve Womack’s rare meetings with constituents yesterday, at a tiny fire department almost in Missouri, a boat ride away from Peel.

One persistent attendee tried to get an answer from Womack on health care. He stonewalled her. However, he got some other questions, which you can see in this video. Commented one in attendance: “As usual Womack was a condescending jerk, but there were some good questions from fellow resisters!”


Robb Ryerse, a Republican challenging Womack in the primary, took note and commented on Twitter:

Daniella, what’s your question. I’ll answer it … since Congressman Womack doesn’t want to for some reason.

Speaking of Indivisible, a chapter in Northeast Arkansas has a town hall scheduled at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Earl Bell Community Center. Democratic and Republican state legislators are said to be participating.