The White House is prepared to issue guidelines against service by transgender people in the military.

Reporting this morning says the intention is to bar transgender enlistment, but also allow removal of those already serving based on ability to deploy. Early reporting suggests this, too, would mean an end to transition medical services for transgender people in the military.


Military leaders have endorsed transgender service. Polls show the majority of the U.S. favor it. The numbers for the Trump base might be different. His comprehensive anti-LGBT posture indicates he believes as much.

Trump is the man who just told the American Legion, emphasis supplied:


We are defined by our shared humanity, by our citizenship and this magnificent nation and by the love that fills our hearts.

The military has been waiting for presidential guidelines. This will put it action in motion and likely be followed by legal battles. Maybe Attorney General Leslie Rutledge can find a way to file a friend-of-the-president brief.

PS: Could somebody get a comment from warrior/Sen. Tom Cotton on this?