SCREENING SATURDAY: One of the features in the Arkansas Cinema Society's first event.

The new Arkansas Cinema Society’s first event, a three-days series of films and appearances by some of their makers, opened last night. Good start.

A wholly likable independent film bought for $10 million for mainstream release, “Patticake$,” was the first attraction at Ron Robinson Theater. It’s about an unlikely white rapper rising out of New Jersey grit. I’m no movie critic but I really liked this feel-good story by an assembly of new talent. How unlikely the cast was illustrated in the post-movie talk by producer Noah Stahl with Jeff Nichols, the Little Rock native movie maker and founder with Kathryn Tucker of the Cinema Society. Revelations: The star, Danielle Macdonald, an Australian with only minor previous credits, had little musical talent and no previous experience with rap.

Today’s screenings, two movies with Adam Driver and an appearance by the actor, are sold out. But tickets remain for Saturday shows: at 2 p.m. David Lowery’s “Pete’s Dragon,” followed by a conversation with Nichols, and at 7 p.m., “A Ghost Story,” again followed by Nichols talk with Lowery about his movie featuring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. Tickets are $35. Admission includes a post-event party for the night show. Good popcorn, beer and wine on sale at the concession stand.

High marks for the new screen and sound in the library’s Robinson Theater.


More details on the Arkansas Cinema Society Facebook page. Curiously unmentioned in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s previews Thursday of weekend events.