Democratic U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is working on a plan to pressure Donald Trump and Republicans to disband the so-called election integrity commission run by vote-purging Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

If Trump is serious about disavowing racism, Schumer says, he’ll get rid of a commission aimed at depressing voting by minority groups.

Fat chance.

An Arkansan could be important. David Dunn, a former Democratic state legislator who now lobbies in the Arkansas Capitol, holds a seat on the commission thanks to Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin. He could refuse to be a part of something with such transparent ill intent and resign. It would draw attention to the charade.


The stock reply of Trump defenders to this criticism is this: “Who could possibly object to preventing fraud in elections?” Answer: Nobody. But effort after effort to demonstrate ID impersonation fraud in elections has turned up virtually none. Voter purges, on the other hand, have demonstrably suppressed voting and disproportionately affected minority and poor communities.ur

Stop This Outrage Purge, Mr. Dunn. To borrow a phrase from deseg days in Little Rock.