The law that allows concealed carry of handguns on Arkansas college campuses takes effect Sept. 1, but not as a practical matter.  Concealed carry will be allowed only for those with a concealed carry permit and certification of additional training is part of a permitting process still being developed by the Arkansas State Police.

In short, most expect it will be at least early 2018 before those with necessary permits can carry on college campuses.


Meanwhile, UA-Little Rock has developed a web page with information about the new law and answers to some frequently asked questions. For example: You may carry a concealed weapon into a dorm, but you may not STORE a concealed weapon in a dorm. Also, students may carry weapons into meetings with teachers unless it is a “documented grievance or disciplinary” meeting. Also, you may ask someone if they have a concealed weapon permit, but they are not required to answer, unless you are a law officer.