Are you a person who buys a new car every three years like clockwork? Or maybe you’re a “drive it ‘til the wheels fall off” kind of person? It can be hard to decide exactly how long to keep a vehicle before buying a new one, but sometimes you just really need that new car.

Repairs are getting expensive

For example, if the wheels do literally fall off. That would be an expensive fix. Other expensive repairs are major engine or transmission work.


Your car doesn’t fit your lifestyle

If you’re driving a two-door coupe, but you’re expecting a baby, that might be a sign you need something bigger. If you have a truck, but you don’t use it much, maybe you should switch to something more compact.

Safety is important to you

Auto technology is always evolving, which means that each year’s models are safer than the last. One year’s difference can mean better crash test results, more advanced driver-assistance technology, and other new safety features.


You need reliable transportation

Peace of mind is worth a lot. Do you like driving home at night and not being sure that your vehicle can make the trip? No one does.

If you’re shopping for a new car, you’ll find it hard to beat the bang for your buck that the 2017 Ford Fusion offers, such as adaptive cruise control, which detects the speed of traffic around you and automatically brakes or accelerates to keep you moving. The 2017 Ford Fusion also has blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist to help alert you to dangerous situations behind the wheel so you can react.


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