The federal government, of course, should move mountains of money to help the people of hurricane-stricken Texas.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t forget the Texas congressmen who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief for the Northeast, including in many of their cases an aid package stripped of so-called “bloat.”

And don’t forget U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, an implacable opponent of relief spending on Sandy victims. He talked of bloat, too. But he also was the only member of the Arkansas delegation to vote against a straightforward measure to fund flood insurance claims. Not exactly bloat. He later stripped remarks about his votes from his website. I’m guessing he won’t be a “bloat” hawk when it comes to Republican Texas, as opposed to New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Cotton famously said then that he couldn’t vote for flood insurance money without offsetting cuts elsewhere. The flood insurance program is still in trouble. Will he stand tall for a balanced budget again over storm victims? He said then he couldn’t see Arkansas bailing out the Northeast. Can he find a bucket for the Southwest?