Here’s a chance for U.S. Rep. French Hill to get together with some kids in the Little Rock School District.

You may recall that parent complaints prompted cancellation of a Hill appearance scheduled Monday at Gibbs Elementary to talk about character issues. Parents wanted to be sure it wasn’t a political event. They also objected to HIll’s support for Trump and his vote for House legislation that would have wrecked the Affordable Care Act.

I thought the school erred and the visit — a garden variety public official visit — will be rescheduled.

But here’s a visit where Hill can talk to kids AND about politics. But he might have to answer some tough questions, something he’s avoided by refusing to schedule open town halls with constituents.

Arkansas Community Organizations will have a Children for Healthcare Day of Action at 3:15 p.m. Wednesday (after school) at the Stephens Community Garden at 18th and Maple, across the street from Stephens School.

Parents, elementary school students and community members will come together to draw and write letters to Representative French Hill urging him to vote against Federal budget cuts that could take away medical services for low income children, disabled children and working families.

Every year schools in Arkansas receive $58 million from Medicaid for special needs programs as well as immunizations and screenings for low-income children. More than 380,000 children receive health coverage through ARKids First. The House budget proposal would cut $1.5 trillion from Medicaid over ten years and restructure Medicaid by establishing per capita caps. These cuts would reduce or eliminate programs and health coverage that children depend on in Arkansas.

C’mon, French. This is a good makeup. Drop by and talk to the kids. You said you loved talking to kids. They’d like to talk to you, too.