SHOOTING SCENE: The second floor was home to Power Ultra Lounge, now closed.

KARK has a news release from a local law firm that is seeking damages from operators of the Power Ultra Lounge for injuries suffered by someone in the club when shooting began July 1 and ultimately left 25 wounded.

Lawyer Josh Gillispie said his client, Patrick Hardy, was shot in the arm and then injured further when he jumped from a second-floor window to escape. He’s seeking compensatory damages for injuries and lost wages and also punitive damages. The suit says operators of the Power Ultra Lounge, now closed, operated a nightclub without proper zoning and licenses.


Gillispie provides a narrative worthy of Mickey Spillane on events involving his client:

Gunfire suddenly breaks out mid-song from seemingly every direction, as Plaintiff sits watching the show;

The crowd erupts into panic and chaos;

Terrified patrons chaotically search for exits;

A bullet strikes Plaintiff in his arm;

The single stairwell leading to the ground floor quickly swells with bodies and becomes clogged;

The single fire escape is flooded with terrified people as well.

Bodies slam violently together in the desperate push towards safety.

People are trampled.

Muzzles flash and bullets fly from all directions.

Plaintiff hears the “pop, pop, pop” of gunfire.

He hears shrieks of terror and screams of pain.

He sees the clogged and impassable exits.

He sees blood and writhing bodies on the floor.

He hears “pop, pop, pop.”

He jumps from the second story window onto an awning, landing on his right side.

This day, July 1, is Plaintiff’s 29th birthday.