KARK/Fox 16’s push to do something about Little Rock violence includes a spotlight on people trying to make a difference — in this episode Antwan Phillips, a lawyer at Wright, Lindsey and Jennings.

For Phillips, doing something is personal. The McClellan High graduate lost two brothers to violence.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever said this out loud before, but I felt like there was a curse. I was scared,” he continues.

At eight years old, Antwan’s brother was shot and killed. About 15 years later, a second brother lost his life to violence.

“I definitely am not immune to this and I understand what people are going through, and I understand the hurt and the pain,” he says.

Since then, with the urging of his wife, a strong faith and a story to tell, Antwan is looking to help others.

Phillips, I can add, is a comer in city politics. He came close to making a city board race in 2016, which, in retrospect, might have put him in the middle of current City Board debates. But he has plenty of years ahead.