A team of Little Rock Central High School students is working with the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site to develop an app that leads visitors on a walking tour that follows in the footsteps of Little Rock Nine member Elizabeth Eckford as she tried to attend classes on her first day at Central High on Sept. 4, 1957.

The project, part of a longstanding oral history effort called “The Memory Project at Central High” sponsored by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, will be called “Words That Matter, Voices of Civil Rights: The 1st Day at Central High.” The app will be officially launched on Monday, Sept. 4 at 1 p.m. on Park Street in front of Central High, 60 years after the events the app describes. For the project, students and Innovation Hub mentors will collect GPS data for a walking tour, including footage shot from above the tour path by a remote camera drone.


On Sept. 25, the team will launch another part of the walking tour, documenting the day — exactly 60 years earlier — when the Little Rock Nine, escorted by the 101st Airborne, successfully entered the school and started classes. Part two of the walking tour is being produced for National Public Radio and Youth Radio.

You can read a full press release on the project here: