HISTORY LESSON FOR TRUMPERS: This guy, doing a flyover of New Orleans, was president when Hurricane Katrina hit.

After resisting for several days, I had to mention a meme that’s turning up repeatedly among Donald Trump supporters on social media, as illustrated by a Tweet here.

Those who live in a fact-based universe know


1) George W. Bush was president during the Katrina disaster. And

2) The woman in that photo is Condoleezza Rice, not Michelle Obama. Bush’s secretary of state did indeed catch some attention for going shopping for high-dollar shoes in the aftermath of Katrina.


Bikergirl4trump may or may not be real (she claims to be an NRA member and motorcyclist, among others). But you need only search Twitter for “Obama, Katrina, golf” and you’ll be floored by the number of people propagating this “butwhatabout” meme. “Butwhatabout” is a frequent refuge for Trumpers. His tone deafness in Corpus Christi yesterday, speaking not about victims but about the number of people who turned out to see him, encourages a need for this sort of cover.

Compilation of some of the Obama golfing posts here. It notes the meme predates Harvey, as the illustrated tweet from February shows.