Former Republican House Speaker Davy Carter made an emotional appearance on KARK’s “Capitol View” this morning to talk about the Trump administration’s decision to phase out the DACA program. He followed a typically robotic Attorney General Leslie Rutledge who answered most questions with a version of “we are a nation of laws.”

After U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the phase-out of the program, Carter tweeted out his email, saying he wanted to help get stories of DACA recipients out. He told KARK’s Jessie Turnure he’d met with several kids and was moved by their stories. He asked one to come with him on “Capitol View.” The young man told him he didn’t want to because he was ashamed of his status. Carter, a banker who no longer holds office, has been a frequent critic of Trump on Twitter. He told Turnure that Trump had caused him to break with the Republican Party, and he said the DACA recipient’s shame was a consequence of Trump’s bigoted and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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“I don’t know about the lawsuit,” he said referring to the threat of a lawsuit Rutledge and nine other attorneys general made to the Trump administration if it didn’t move on DACA by last week. “I know it violates the do-right rule.”

Carter said he didn’t know what the solution was but said he was committed to doing everything he could to help DACA recipients. He also said he wanted to see more principled people take a stand on this issue.