Fox 16 has a story out on an unintended consequence of the city of Little Rock‘s attempts to recruit more police officers to fill historic gaps in LRPD force strength: two members of the February recruit class who accepted a $5,000 “no strings attached” signing bonus, then immediately quit the LRPD.

The two who left were part of an eight-member recruit class that was in training when City Manager Bruce Moore made the surprise announcement that they’d be receiving the bonus upon graduation. Other than $10,000 and two newly trained officers walking out the door, the bonus appears to have helped stir the interest the city was looking for, with 18 recruits graduating last month and 26 in training now.


A Fraternal Order of Police spokesman tells Fox that the department may have to attach some strings to the bonus in the future, including requiring new recruits to complete their probationary period on the force before receiving the money.