The Atlantic reports on life breathed into Christian media by Donald Trump, who loves TV and who’s catering to evangelical voters.

Case in point: Mike Huckabee’s new show on the religious network Trinity Broadcasting, which will open in October with an interview with none other than Donald Trump, who employs Huckabee’s daughter as press secretary.

The Huckster will provide a warm welcome for Trump. Writes The Atlantic:

This planned appearance makes perfect sense in the Trump world of power and influence. The president reportedly thrives on television, but his own appearances have been more tailored to reach a core audience: white Christians. He has appeared on a number of Christian shows, doing interviews with Raymond Arroyo of the Catholic network EWTN and the Christian Broadcasting Network titan Pat Robertson.

Huckabee, an early Trump supporter and frequent surrogate for the administration on Fox News, represents a very specific segment of evangelicals: those who are predominantly white, fairly conservative, and actual fans of the president. Like other religious leaders, he claims to speak for his entire religious community, when in fact evangelical Christians are extremely divided over this political moment. In an interview, I asked him whether he was concerned about fellow Christians who feel alienated by Trump, and whether he takes seriously criticism from leaders like William Barber, who has accused Trump-supporting Christians of “theological malpractice that borders on a form of heresy.”

“I totally don’t,” Huckabee said.

An extensive interview with Huckabee follows on the show, religion, Trump and his daughter’s work. He says the show won’t be clearly faith-based. He indicated the change in management at Fox sent him looking for another place to resume his show after his failed race for president. He also said his show would be wholesome, but made no vow to put potty jokes, a Huck staple, off-limits.  In the interview Huck acknowledged the obvious about Trump and religion:

Nobody pretends that he would be an ideal Sunday-school teacher, to be fair. I don’t think he is a person who is deeply acquainted with the Bible and he’s not known to set attendance records at church. But he’s very respectful of people of faith.