A 14-year-old girl was shot in the leg by an arrow while playing soccer with her father and brother about 7 p.m. Friday near the Cedar Hill Road entrance to Allsopp Park.

At last report, the police had no suspects.

The girl told police she was running when she realized she’d been struck in her left shin by an arrow that punctured her skin. She pulled the arrow out of her leg. Family and a bystander administered first aid. She was treated at Children’s Hospital. The bloody arrow was described in the police report as a black and green Pile Driver. It’s an arrow used by bow hunters that’s touted on the manufacturer’s website as being engineered for the hunter who wants “ULTIMATE penetration.” Hunting isn’t legal in the city, however.

A police search turned up no evidence of the shooter or where the arrow was fired from.

The report said the girl suffered a laceration to her shin and to the back of her leg.