MICHAEL LAMOUREUX: Meet him in the lobby.

DBH Management Consultants, the consulting/lobbying firm headed by former legislator Bruce Hawkins, has announced that it has hired Michael Lamoureux, a former senator and former chief of staff to Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Lamoureux has always been cozy with special interests. He took “consulting” pay from a conservative legal lobbying group while a state senator and also took pay as a lawyer from a telephone company that had an interest in legislation he helped pass as a senator.

He departed the governor’s staff in May 2016 for a Washington lobbying job.  Hawkins has hired him has chief legal counsel and a “principal/partner” of DBH. He’ll not be “lobbying” in Arkansas for a few months, on account of the two-year-cooling off period for movement of legislators into private lobbyist jobs. But, said the news release, on Jan. 9 “he will assume additional responsibilities including lobbying on behalf of DBH clients.”

Said Hawkins’ release:


“I am proud Michael has chosen to join DBH. He certainly has no shortage of professional options today, and we are delighted he will be working with us. With his vast knowledge and experience we are certain that Michael can be a great asset not only to DBH and our clients, but to members of the General Assembly as well.”