SHOOTING SCENE: Church in southwest Little Rock. KTHV

TV news accounts this morning say Little Rock police officers shot a criminal suspect near a church at 53rd and Geyer Springs around midnight last night when investigating what’s been described as a potential rape and stabbing.

Accounts from the scene say the man took a shooting stance when two officers found him hiding behind a church and they fired. He was wounded and taken to a hospital for treatment. Also hospitalized was the apparent victim of an assault.

UPDATE: The Little Rock police are refusing to provide names of the person shot or a second suspect arrested in the initial response to a potential rape at a nearby apartment. That rape report is now in doubt based on a comment given by Police Chief Kenton Buckner to KATV. Also, while the suspect who was shot was reported to be in a shooting stance, no gun was found at the scene. It’s said he’s suspected to survive his wound. A police spokesman said no detailed report was planned until Friday.