As the notice indicates, another 60-year-after event will remember the Women’s Emergency Committee, which organized to reopen Little Rock schools closed in 1958 by Gov. Orval Faubus.

Modern-day emergency committees have formed to regain control of Little Rock schools taken over two years ago  by a white establishment unhappy about the majority black school board. Many women have again emerged in leading roles. One of them, Dr. Anika Whitfield, does not sit by silently. She noted with some unhappiness the failure at a program Wednesday sponsored by the Clinton School (also sponsoring the WEC event) to give the public a chance to ask questions of State Education Commissioner Johnny Key, who runs the Little Rock School District. To date, he’s opened himself to no public questioning and has not  expressed an opinion in favor of the resumption of local control. (He has favored district-punishing expansion of charter schools.) He did say yesterday that, maybe, the Little Rock schools could vote on democratic representation by the end of 2018, almost four years after the takeover. Maybe.