NEW AT THE ZOO: Male and female penguins. LR Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo says two African penguin hatchlings soon will be on public view. They are the eighth and ninth penguins born since opening of the Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe exhibit in 2011.

The eighth chick, a female, hatched Aug. 13 and required veterinarian help in the premature hatching. Keepers hand-fed the penguin for the first weeks of its life. It is now eating small fish on its own and will be on exhibit when she is able to swim.


The ninth penguin chick was hatched Sept. 8 and is a  male.

The African penguins are part of a species survival plan to help animals threatened in the wild. African, or black-footed penguins, are natives of South Africa and Namibia. Their habitat has been harmed by overfishing and oil spills, the zoo said.