Sen. Tom Cotton is waiting in the wings to run for president and, once again, he demonstrates he’s clutching a fistful of armaments to throw around. From Think Progress:

In an interview before a live audience with at the Washington Post on Thursday morning, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) said that military action against Iran is “a credible option.” Renegotiating the nuclear agreement with Iran should be an “internal allied discussion,” said Cotton, referring to the “the United States, European partners, Israel and Arab allies,” the latter two of which aren’t even part of the agreement. “Then let Iran, China and Russia be isolated in a rogues’ gallery,” he added.

He got some pushback:

The Post’s Associate Editor David Ignatius said Cotton was engaged in “magical thinking” in imagining that Iran would want to renegotiate the terms of the 2015 deal. “What’s in it for Iran?” Ignatius asked. The answer: Nothing, other than to be marginalized with what Cotton described as “coercive diplomacy.”