Surprise. Mike Huckabee landed Donald Trump for the first installment of his Christian network talk show and it was a love fest for the man who employs the Huckster’s daughter as press secretary.

Trump, said the Huckster, was a “rock star” in Puerto Rico, not a reviled, insensitive lout who tossed paper towels to people in need as if they were ducks at a feeding zoo.


Trump was allowed to whine about “abusive” treatment of his wife for wearing stilettos on trips to disaster areas. In short, reports Media Matters:

The president has not done a one-on-one national TV interview with a non-conservative host in nearly five months, since he sat down with NBC’s Lester Holt on May 11. (That interview went poorly for the president.)

Huckabee gave Trump a predictably friendly platform to talk about what a great job he is doing and complain about the “fake” media.

Media Matters called the whole thing “ridiculous.” Trump returned the favor of the  slobbering with a Tweet promoting the show.