FOUR WEEKS AND COUNTING: Skrable said this trash has been reported and untended for four weeks.

Luke Skrable, the Southwest Little Rock resident who got banned from City Hall because his long complaints about poor city work in his neighborhood was deemed threatening, went on an e-mail tear last week.

He sent a fusillade of e-mails and photographs to city officials meant to show the neglect of his neighborhood despite repeat calls about trash in city right of way and poor enforcement of codes against non-compliant residents (think junked cars and garbage.)


I sought a city response Friday to Skrable’s complaint that city officials had not responded and also asked for responses to his assertions that the city had failed to act on months-long complaints about untended garbage. A city spokesman said it would take some time to get a response together.

Meanwhile, I thought I”d share some of Skrable’s photographs of scenery in Southwest Little Rock.


Nov. 1, Skrable’s probation period expires, despite city officials’ efforts to keep it in place A federal judge opened the door to his return to City Board meetings. Will he attend? Will he speak? Will he be allowed to speak? Stay tuned.

(SIDE NOTE: I’m also waiting for the city communication machinery to come up with the background on a recent advertisement by the city for bids to construct “safe rooms.” The fellow who called this to my attention wondered if this was a City Hall refuge from Skrable. The city communications officer couldn’t give me an answer on this, though I did a Google search myself that indicates it’s something about modular tornado protection for “community and staff.” You have to wonder if SWLR will be high on the priority list. And if rules would allow Skrable inside.)